Our work starts in the olive groves, where we painstakingly select the best crops.

Only those that pass the rigorous inspection that satisfies our selection criteria are loaded onto our trucks and transported to our factory.

Once on our premises, the crop goes through an initial selection process, whereby every unsuitable olive is rejected. Only the immaculate crop is stored in our containers.

Very soon after that, the most crucial stage of the production begins. For us, curing olives is more of an art than a craft. Selecting and implementing the proper curing method ensures that each kind of olive retains its tantalizing appearance and develops a robust, full-bodied flavor.

When the olives are cured to perfection, they are packed in a diverse array of packaging and pasteurized or sterilized accordingly.

Our packaged products are then stored safely in appropriately designed and regulated storage areas, before being dispatched to our customers all over the world.