Our olives have a three-generation story to tell.

Dimitris Latrovalis laid the foundations of the family business in 1983 by curing small amounts of olives in his home workshop and selling them at the farmer’s market of his hometown, Serres.

He used traditional curing methods passed down to him through the generations of a family whose name and history was closely connected with the olive’s fruit.

That and his passion for quality made his olives a sought-after delicacy that sold out at every farmers’ market he could practically reach.

His duty was to pass on the legacy to his son.

Vassilis Latrovalis quickly realized that he had to escape the limitations of the workshop in order to satisfy the demand for their olives.

He started planning a modern factory and imported machinery that would guarantee the same quality and stringent standards as those they were accustomed to in their immaculate workshop.

In October 1996, he personally drove the first truck-load of carefully selected olives through the factory gates. In just 14 years, they had managed to transform the home workshop catering to the local farmer’s markets to a state-of-the-art curing facility that started exporting olives to a continuously growing number of countries.

His children streamlined their studies in order to take up the challenge of improving such a legacy.

Dimitris Latrovalis – Factory Operations, Evi Latrovali – International Marketing, Theodora Latrovali – Food Technology and Chrysa Latrovali - Business Administartion ushered the company into the new millennium.

Undaunted by hard work and armed with the devotion passed on to them by their grandfather and father, they are orchestrating a sustainable growth model guided by social corporate responsibility and have already managed to pin their company onto the world map.

They refuse to rest on their laurels and adhere firmly to the company’s philosophy to pass it on to the next generation.