The premises of Latrovalis & Co. are located 3km. between Serres and Nigrita, in close proximity to both the Serres railway station and coach depot.

They span 22,500m2 of privately owned space as well as a leased area of 3,000m2.

Our premises constitute:

  • Main building of a total area of 2,200m2 comprising the administration area, the sorting and curing area, and the packaging area.
  • Two storehouses of a total area of 750m2 for the storage of raw materials, packaging material and final products.
  • Recently we have leased an additional 800m2 storehouse on an adjacent 3000m2 lot, and our immediate plans involve constructing a new 500m2 curing plant and an additional 600m2 storehouse.
  • In accordance with our strict Corporate Social Responsibility policy, we operate our own Industrial Waste Treatment facility, rendering our waste environmentally-safe before sending it to the local sewage treatment plant.
  • We operate our own on site weighbridge in order to reliably monitor all incoming and outgoing raw materials and products.

All our premises are completely secured in order to closely monitor any entry or exit of staff, providers, clients, and vehicles and guarantee the safety of all.