We work tirelessly to promote the Latrovalis brand.

Latrovalis is a third generation family business specializing in the curing, packaging and exporting of Greek olives. We all work tirelessly to ensure that we can combine the quality of a small family business with the professionalism of a large exporting company. Our history proves success, but we refuse to rest on our laurels.

Formally established in 1983, our company aims to provide the international market with the highest quality Greek table olives by first painstakingly selecting the best raw materials. Possessing the appropriate expertise allows us to subject each type of olive to its specific treatment, paying special attention to the strictest criteria of a hygienic work environment.

We continually invest in new equipment and training of our employees so as to be in a position to accommodate every single requirement of our clients concerning the form and packaging of our products. In that way we have managed throughout the years to stay ahead of any new development in our field.

Our philosophy is that in order for the environment to provide us with quality produce we need to respect it. That is why we spare no expense in recycling and biological wastewater treatment. We also extend our concern to the community by continually developing and adhering to our corporate social responsibility plan. We feel a need to give back to the environment and the people who have helped us become who we are.

Our passion for our work, our dedication to the quality of our products, and our competitive pricing established us first in the Greek market. As the third generation entered the company with food technology, factory operations, and marketing education and expertise, Latrovalis & Co was founded and in 1996 exporting became the company's main concern.

Today, with the expansion of our premises, our continuing investment in both staff and equipment, and our efforts to accommodate the diversity of the various markets around the world we have come to a point where 90% of our turnover - over 7.000 tons annually - is accounted for by exports.