Looking for a trusted partner to cover your olive needs under your company’s Brand Name?

Look no further!
Latrovalis is behind many acclaimed Brand Names for all the right reasons:

  • We know too well, from our own experience, how hard it is for a company to build a Brand Name, and what an asset a strong Brand Name is for customer loyalty. Your precious Brand Name is in good hands.
  • Our dedicated Latrovalis Private Label Team can recommend turnkey solutions of exclusively Greek, selectively sourced, and artisanally cured olives that Latrovalis Olives Deelicious are known for. Then again, they are here to work hand in hand with your Team and develop custom-built products and packaging with your specifications. Either way, your customers’ satisfaction is our priority.
  • Your peace of mind is guaranteed by our extensive array of International Certifications and our track record for a seamless flow of inventory, so that your company can focus on increasing its sales.

We strive for Private Label cooperations that start now and continue forever.